Editing Templates

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Editing Templates

Post by codywalzel » 24 Aug 2014, 21:44

Windows 7,
64 bit
TVPaint 10 Professional

I very much enjoy the ability to save templates, but I was wondering if there was the option to edit the list of templates.

Specifically in the example of the screenshot provided, I saved a template by the name of "Makeshift Satellite-Pan (small)' with slightly incorrect settings, and had to re-save it with the correct settings moments later. Now there are two almost identical template names which will lead to confusion for me down the line. I'd like to delete the old one form the templates list. It might also be nice later to delete some of the pre-existing templates once my custom list starts to get a bit longer.

Finally my project's default template is misspelled "Makeshift ZSatellite" Instead of simply "Makeshift Satellite." The options to delete, move the order of, and rename the list of templates would be a nice add on if it doesn't exist.
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