Urgent: Help with corrupted file!

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Urgent: Help with corrupted file!

Post by Razvan » 18 Jun 2020, 11:37

Hello, everyone! :)
Last night I was working on a shot for my bachelor's degree animation. I saved the file and went away for a bit, leaving the software running. When I came back, the pc had shut down; I suspect it did not go into ”sleep mode” because of the latest Windows update (version 2004). When I try to load the project in, I get the spinning wheel of death and if I try to click anywhere, the program crashes. I reset the configuration, reinstalled TV Paint. The file has 91 MB, so I assume the information is still there. The shot in question is a necessary "last minute addition" to the project and it is the result of two days of work. I don't have the time to redraw everything from scratch, given that the entire film has to be finished until tomorrow.
If there is someone who could look into it, it would be much appreciated! I have attached the file below.


This is a problem that should be fixed, given that it makes the software unreliable to work with, if an OS bug or a power failure happen. Thank you!
Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit
Intel Core 13-6100 @ 3.70 Ghz
8 GB of RAM
TV Paint Professional 11.0.10 - 64 bits
Wacom Intuos Pro L
Driver version: 6.3.13-3

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Re: Urgent: Help with corrupted file!

Post by ChristopherC » 19 Jun 2020, 01:05

That sucks, i hope you get your work recovered. TVPaint has a multi backup feature, i don't think it's turned on by default but you could check to see if it is on and the directory leads to anything. If not it's a good thing to have turned on in the future, it's saved me a few times accidentally deleting important layers and such.

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