Importing EDL to Premiere

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D.T. Nethery
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Importing EDL to Premiere

Post by D.T. Nethery » Yesterday, 14:14

I've never used the Publish > EDL function before . Now I need it to export a project for editing in Premiere. I can't get the EDL to load into Premiere.

In the User Manual it says this about EDL : ... ublish-edl

EDL export allows to export each clip in a Quicktime (in the 32-bits version on Windows and Mac OSX only) or AVI video and generate an Edit List file too. This EDL file, when executed in a compositing software, allows to load all videos from your animatic you have just exported, in the good order.
On Adobe's support site , ... aries.html it says:
You can import project files in the EDL file format.

- Select File > Import, and browse to the project file containing the desired EDL file, and select it.
- Click Open.
I do this and it imports the EDL project , but all the files have question marks (?) and when I try to put the project into the Premiere timeline it shows the clips as "Media Offline" .

What am I doing wrong ?
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Hironori Takagi
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Re: Importing EDL to Premiere

Post by Hironori Takagi » Today, 05:01

I tried it, too.
The folder path is not recognized correctly unless it is D: \\
The file path is not recognized correctly unless it is D: \
In other words, there seems to be a problem with the ability to recognize the path of Premiere.
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