What's the best kind of laptop to use for TVPaint?

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What's the best kind of laptop to use for TVPaint?

Post by UsaMiKo » 28 Nov 2017, 02:25

For someone who wants to get into digital art, I know very little about computers. For the most part I've gotten along fine with nothing more than a dinky $400 laptop from the local superstore and a 60$ pen tablet, but that was all just for practice. Now that I might actually being making a legit short film, I feel like I might need something a bit more solid. I hear all these things about RAM and hard drive space, and RAM, and such but I'm not which would apply best to 2d animation. I know I would at least need a computer that handle big brushes on large canvases; I imagine I'd at least need to draw in full HD resolutions. I've also heard that raster programs like TVPaint need higher specs to run at their best.

For reference, here is the computer I'm using now.

http://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/dell-lap ... 558-laptop

And here is the brand of tablet I plan to use

https://www.amazon.com/XP-Pen-Artist13- ... B075G1XPR5

Please keep in mind that I really can't get a full on desktop right now. I really don't have the space for something that big and I move around a lot. A laptop is probably my best bet. Any advice on this would be appreciated because I am very confused.

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Re: What's the best kind of laptop to use for TVPaint?

Post by Elodie » 28 Nov 2017, 07:15

TVPaint Animation (Pro Edition) depends on 2 elements : CPU and RAM. Having a SSD rather than a classical HD helps too.

Basically, any quad core CPU and 8GB of Ram will be enough to manage Full HD projects. Alos, get a computer offering Windows 64 bit, so you can also install the 64 bit version of TVPaint 11 Pro.

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