Can TVPaint save hand drawn animation?

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Can TVPaint save hand drawn animation?

Post by VGmaster9 » 15 Nov 2016, 16:19

Hey, I am new to this forum. I don't use TVPaint nor am I an animator, I'm just a fan of what the software is capable of.

With that out of the way, do you think TVPaint can bring back frame by frame animation in the film industry? Also, would it render traditional pencil/paper obsolete? For TV shows (like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which is my favorite show to watch right now), it would make sense for vector animation being used because it's cheaper and less time consuming (though Steven Universe is a rare exception). But for film, it would be more practical and would greatly compete with CGI animation.

If Don Bluth's upcoming Dragon's Lair movie would be animated with TVPaint, that would be totally killer.

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Re: Can TVPaint save hand drawn animation?

Post by slowtiger » 16 Nov 2016, 08:33

Oh, that discussion again?

No single software will ever "save" a certain industry, or a design style. There's just too many parameters which determine a film's success. If you want to dive into that topic, I recommend to read ... 0861966635.
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Re: Can TVPaint save hand drawn animation?

Post by NathanOtano » 17 Nov 2016, 08:33

As long as people are thinking about technique instead of scenario, design and staging (and the amount of advertising/time in theater also...) to choose the right medium, we'll continue to see movies we don't really like with big budget and blame one technique or another :| when an animated film stands out you don't care if it's 3D or 2D right? You just talk about the film itself

You have a lot of really nice 2D animated feature film in france each year, and traditional animation is still the main medium in Japan (who produces more time of animation than america I heard). It's just that TVPaint makes it easier for frame by frame animation :) as you said, maybe it's not the right software to make TV shows like my little pony and It's not aimed to those kind of productions. Also animating on paper is sometimes faster for some people, especially for tie down, as long as you have a cleanup style that fits your story.
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