Annecy 2008

To talk about animation Annecy, CTN Expo, Zagreb, Ottawa, Hiroshima... and many other festivals !
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Annecy 2008

Post by ZigOtto » 15 Jun 2008, 11:39


left side : the Annecy Cristal 2008 : "La maison en petits cubes" by Kunio KATO (Japan), 12mn,
It is difficult to keep the house made of blocks out of the water. The grandfather who has lived in it has been constantly adding to it as the water level rises. This is the story about his family memories.
right side : the Cristal for best feature : "Sita Sings the Blues" by Nina PALEY (United States), 1h 22mn,
Musical adaptation of Indian epic "Râmâyana".
2D animation seems to be still in the place! :D
Image Image
(stills from "Sita")

here's the complete 2008 prizewinners list.
and the .pdf publication here.

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