TVPaint Animation 11.5.2 is available!

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TVPaint Animation 11.5.2 is available!

Post by Thierry » 01 Jul 2021, 14:40

Hello there!
TPVaint Animation 11.5.2 is now available!

This update is a bit smaller than the previous one, but v11.5.1 was mostly focused on bug fixing whereas v11.5.2 is mainly focused on adding new features (and some of them have been in our list for quite a long time :p).
By the way, starting from v11.5.2, each new version will have a dedicated topic containing the changelog. The newly renamed TVPaint Animation 11 changelogs topic will still contain all v11 changelogs.


What’s new in TVPaint Animation 11.5.2?

  • Project Information should show current file size.
  • Image marks are now undoable.
  • An option has been added to remove loaded soundtrack history.
  • You can now merge two layers when right clicking on them.
  • File > Recent files is now placed nearby Open / import.
  • A “Recent folders“ sub-menu has been added in the File > Recent main menu.
  • In the Image Library, there is now an option to add images from a folder.
  • The initial size of the script editing window is now larger.
  • You can now export your layer’s structure in PNG.
  • You can now select MKV format when exporting.
  • You can now choose to ignore empty instances when exporting layer(s) as images (.png, etc.) by unchecking the “Export all” option in the Export panel.
  • macOS and Linux users can now export in WebM. This option will come in a next update (likely v11.5.3) for Windows as we ran into technical issues.
  • Shortcuts have been added to open the palette you need (picker, sliders, etc.).
  • Shortcuts have been added to toggle beetween project view and clip view.

What has been fixed and/or improved in TVPaint Animation 11.5.2?

  • "Pick layer" command now works if a layer is locked.
  • "Check for updates" now redirects to the correct pages.
  • The After Effects import script has been updated to accurately reflect the duration of the project once imported.
  • macOS: The keyboard shortcuts for Cut, Copy, Paste should be shown as CMD instead of CTRL
  • Unified Japanese translations for “Layer Reverse Order” between shortcut and export panels.
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Re: TVPaint Animation 11.5.2 is available!

Post by Roselle2 » 03 Aug 2021, 23:43

Hallo ihr lieben,
Ach, ist das schön, dass Ihr immer noch so fleißig seid und uns damit große Freude macht, Danke für jede Aufbesserung. Eure Alte Dame, Roselle2. ich sage YUHUUUUUUUUUUU.
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Re: TVPaint Animation 11.5.2 is available!

Post by Karin » 04 Aug 2021, 14:04

Hallo Roselle, Danke für diesen netten Kommentar