Re-use animation

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Re-use animation

Post by MetMorg » 12 Jul 2019, 14:00

Is it possible to re use animation in TvPaint, eg. a generic walk cycle that can be imported where needed in scenes and re-sized or rotated as needed? (while maintaining line thickness)


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Re: Re-use animation

Post by Dean » 12 Jul 2019, 15:08

Hello MetMorg,
What you are looking for must be an Animated Brush :)

Here is a tutorial on how to create one:

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Re: Re-use animation

Post by Peter Wassink » 14 Jul 2019, 04:01

Animbrush is not the only way, and it doesn't allow for the line-thickness adjustment.
So its not that easy.

the animbrush method only works if you dont do much scaling. you can use the keyframer (in the FX stack) to scale, rotate, flip, or animate.
if you want to thicken the lines when scaling down the cycle, you need to first apply an edge FX (border) on the line layer, to thicken it using the FXstack.
so the best bet is to keep the cycle in a separate project with separate layers. then use the Keyframer to place the walkcycle project in your final-animation project.
and make sure that before you apply it there, you adjust the line-thickness accordingly in the walkcycle project.

so its a little cumbersome, and destructive process (so best keep copies of different line-thickness layers in your cycle project.)
and the line-thickness adjustment also doesn't always look the best, so you are probably better off retracing the smaller version by hand, to get the line-thickness right.
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