Minimise TVPaint window

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Minimise TVPaint window

Post by ryannewelluk » 30 May 2018, 10:54

I'm not sure what I've done but I'm not longer able to minimise TVPaint to see the desktop. The bar with the icon is missing. I've tried looking through the Window and View options with no luck.

Are you able to help?
Many thanks

Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6
64 bit
3.2 GHz
TVP Animation 11 Pro(64 bit version)
Wacom Intuos 4

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Re: Minimise TVPaint window

Post by JeremyN » 17 Jul 2018, 10:28


Sorry for late answer.

Your TVPaint window is probably too big to be displayed on your screen or it is misplaced.
To fix this, click with the left mouse button on one of the corner of the window and maintain it (like if you want to resize it) then, press the button Alt and don't release it.
Then drag your mouse. The window should normally schrink and the title bar will appear so you will be able to move it and minimise it.

Hope it helps !
Mac Developer

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