If your old Wacom tablet stops working under MacOs Mojave /Catalina/Big Sur

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If your old Wacom tablet stops working under MacOs Mojave /Catalina/Big Sur

Post by D.T. Nethery » 04 Jan 2021, 18:04

If you have an older model Wacom tablet (Bamboo, Intuos , Cintiq) that stops working when you upldate to MacOS Mojave, Catalina, or Big Sur , I can recommend the program Connect My Tablet
I recently updated my old Macbook Pro from Sierra to Mojave (I did not update to Catalina or Big Sur , because I still have some 32bit only apps I want to be able to run , and Mojave is the end of the line for 32bit apps.) When I updated my old Macbook Pro from Sierra to Mojave I discovered that my old Wacom Cintiq 21UX would no longer work. Connect My Tablet had been recommended to me previously, but I never had any need to run it. Now I need it and I am happy to say it worked perfectly to get my Cintiq 21UX working on MacOS Mojave.

https://apps.apple.com/us/app/connect-m ... 6344?mt=12


"Connect My Tablet connects your Wacom tablet to your Mac and restores at least its critical functionality to be creative with Photoshop and other programs in Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, HighSierra, Sierra and El Capitan. For many models and macOS versions, the Wacom preference pane, and therefore previous functionality, will be working again. For others, Connect My Tablet provides a tool to let you change the most important pen and tablet settings."

NOTE: as of this date, January 4, 2021 , I don't think we've been given the "all clear" sign from TVPaint developers to update to Big Sur yet , so probably best to hold off on updating to Big Sur if you can. (contact TVPaint Support if in doubt) , but TVPaint 11 and 11.5 should run fine on Mojave and Catalina. TVPaint 11.5 is running as normal for me on Mojave . The only issue I had updating to Mojave was the Wacom Cintiq 21UX not working (it did not work in any app , not TVPaint, not ArtRage, not Photoshop, not Sketchbook), but that problem with the Cintiq 21UX was fixed by Connect My Tablet.

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