Kyoto Animation

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Kyoto Animation

Post by ematecki » 19 Jul 2019, 07:31

This is so sad :(
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Re: Kyoto Animation

Post by D.T. Nethery » 19 Jul 2019, 13:50

Heartbreaking tragedy. And not some tragic accident , but an intentional act of violence against innocent people . I am hoping that the perpetrator turns out to be just some "random crazy person" , because my fear is that it was a crazy anime fan who felt he had been wronged in some way and took his revenge on the artists at the studio. Fandom has a dark side.
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Re: Kyoto Animation

Post by Jet » 19 Jul 2019, 14:43

Absolutely chilling.

There is a fund setup by Sentai Filmworks on GoFundMe if you want to donate something:
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