Building a computer around programs (Like TVPaint)

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Sierra Toomer
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Building a computer around programs (Like TVPaint)

Post by Sierra Toomer » 10 Feb 2019, 19:21

I've been wanting to build a computer so that I can seriously start animating (priority), with drawing and writing kind of on the side, and have taken a considerable amount of time to research programs and parts, but I can't ever seem to find something concrete. There's only a few things I'm certain on, for instance my chosen programs are TVPaint Pro 11, ClipStudio Paint Pro, Corel Word Perfect, and possibly Sony Vegas. I find I'm better at finding programs than tech/specs, but maybe it's easier?

What I know:
-To have at least around 16GB of RAM,
- alot of storage such as 1-3 terabytes,
-A decent video card
-A processor that has at least dual cores
-And that I plan to invest in a 4k monitor

If there's any suggestions or recommendations I'm open to them and much appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by and reading. :)

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