Possible to Learn from Japan Animation Studio? How do I contact MD Signal or Xebec?

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Possible to Learn from Japan Animation Studio? How do I contact MD Signal or Xebec?

Post by TheQuestionMark » 06 Jan 2019, 05:06

I give up. I've trying to self-teach myself to draw anime animation and there's no luck after all these year since TVPaint 10. I was wondering is possible to learn from Japanese Anime Studio? The best so far for me would probably be Xebec. I think that pay is decent for for $1095 and I'll settle even a lot less but you can learn alot. I need job that pays $900 dollars and not any higher to collect my welfare and expensive meds.

Here's an article about Xebec in an Animation Studio on pay. https://otakumode.com/news/568cb237f88e ... mall-It-Is . I like their anime style and taste and want to learn. "Love Hina" and "Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs".

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dikKmj-55Vw[/youtube] That Youtube really got me motivated and got my hopes up to aim to work in an anime studio. Is it possible to get a job from MD Signal or Xebec just to learn? How do I connect with them that I need job and want to learn. My level is probably virtual zero experience and entry level. I wasted my time doing illustrations instead of doing animation, I think that was my idiotic mistake. But it's seem frustrating doing animation, I look at Pixv when people do animation they don't get any views or clicks compare to single piece illustrations that seem over dominate over animations. It's so dumb. On top of that pixiv animation is mixed with animating gimmicks that doesn't have fundamentals such as blinking eyes and illustration making which should be on youtube. It's frustrating you can't upload 1080P and have to settle 480P in Pixiv lowering the quality. Is pixiv the best the community to be in when doing anime animations? I tried Sakugabooru https://www.sakugabooru.com/post , but they seem very silent and don't proactively produce their very own animation. What should I do to find a community that has my interest, an anime animation community?

Can TVPaint connect with MD Signal/Xebec on how to land a job with them? Like hoops and test needed to pass to be entry level animator to learn.
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Re: Possible to Learn from Japan Animation Studio? How do I contact MD Signal or Xebec?

Post by TheBee2 » 07 Feb 2019, 09:33

My friend is studying Manga in Kyoto Seika University (http://www.kyoto-seika.ac.jp/eng/edu/manga/animation/) try to contact them and see their prices and what they offer. There should be short and long programs. Regarding accommodation you can contact local companies or big international as they will offer property in Japan for rent.

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