Attack in Las Vegas...

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Benjamin Cerbai
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Attack in Las Vegas...

Post by Benjamin Cerbai » 03 Oct 2017, 12:04

After what happened yesterday in Las Vegas, the whole TVPaint Développement team thinks about the victims and their families.
You have supported us during the terrible events in Paris in 2015, it's our turn to support you today.
Benjamin Cerbai, illustrator and videographer.

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Re: Attack in Las Vegas...

Post by Fabrice » 03 Oct 2017, 12:19


Noone knows at this moment if it's someone crazy or a terrorist.
But whoever made this killing, we are with you, especially all the US people/users in the forum.
Fabrice Debarge

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Re: Attack in Las Vegas...

Post by Animationriver » 03 Oct 2017, 14:45

I'm from Moscow and join those who mourn. The cruelty of a real villain and this can not be understood and forgiven. We all love to watch movies with the presence of villains. Often this reason contributes to our interest in the film. But we do not want this to happen in reality. Never! Never! Never!
I sincerely support all those who believe in a life without violence. We are together.
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D.T. Nethery
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Re: Attack in Las Vegas...

Post by D.T. Nethery » 06 Oct 2017, 11:25

Thank you.

In some ways I think we would all like there to be some meaning , some "purpose" that was behind this apparently random attack, but pending any new evidence that is uncovered it appears to be the hateful act of a single twisted , sick mind. I don't know if we will ever have an adequate "Why did he do it ?" explanation , because he took that to the grave. What is truly disturbing is how unpredictable and unpreventable this sort of act is ... with counter-terrorism intelligence data many organized terrorist attacks can be detected and prevented before they happen , but with this man who had no criminal record and apparently no association with any radical organizations , how would anyone predict he would methodically plan and carry out such a seemingly pointless act of hatred against innocent people enjoying a music concert ?
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Re: Attack in Las Vegas...

Post by CartoonMonkey » 02 Nov 2017, 09:13

Thank you all at TVPaint. It's sad to see the world like this. I hope we can all overcome and stand together.

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