Opentoonz seems to be cleaning itself up.

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Opentoonz seems to be cleaning itself up.

Post by UsaMiKo » 08 Aug 2017, 22:29

A little over a year ago the announcement that the software that Ghibli used to scan and color their movies was going to be released for free. As you could expect everybody lost their minds with excitement, and when the software finally dropped there were tutorials made by fans up within an hour. While the idea of such a well known company releasing their software for free sounded pretty good, I was a bit skeptical of it. To start off, the little bit of interface we did see seemed incredibly cluttered and hard to manuever, and later on there were dozens and dozens of reports of crashes and strange bugs. And, in all truth, I think I was a bit bitter that this program was getting so much attention when Krita, a well known drawing app, had just added a pretty cool, easy to use, animation feature and no one was talking about it ! (I'm still kind of bitter about that! Do people not like it because of the brush lag or what?)But the thing that turnes me off immediately was the lack of drawing tools. A big brush set might not be necessary, but it seemed like the only drawing tool they had was a strange vector brush.

Either way, I sort of ignored the program for the most part, until recently when I decided to take another look. It seems that the program has made it all the way to a 1.1.3 version and has changed some things. The interface seems to be mostly the same, but just a little smoothed out; there's less bezel on all the menus. The most endearing part though is that, yes, it does have proper drawing tools now. Well, at least this version does.

This is a version of the software made by a group of animators using it for their own projects. They even added a horizontal timeline (which doesn't affect me since I actually like xsheet-like timelines, but I know other people weren't happy about it), and a lot of these features are said to be added to an official release soon. Heres's a video of people sketching with a few of the brushes.



A new interface and drawing tools maybe nice, but the thing that really surprised me was this.

This software is already being used in a feature film!? Not even Blender, one of the most popular open source applications, can boast that yet.


I suppose its kind of nice to see creators make such use of this kind of software. Sometimes it feels like these programs never make it into the hands of the people who can use them the best (still don't know why no one's checking out Krita). Either way, if Opentoonz becomes something that more people can add to their pipeline then I guess there's still something to be excited about.

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