Read this before posting a Job offer

Need an animator or looking for a job ? Read rules and post your job offers and curriculum.
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Read this before posting a Job offer

Post by Elodie » 22 Mar 2012, 14:07

If you are offering a job (animators, assistants, cleaners, painters, illustrators etc...), please give the information below :

• Studio's name or real artist's name (if you are a freelance artist)
• Duration of the job
• Approximative salary or wage rate
• Location (Country, city)
• Kind of work
• Wanted profile(s)
• How to contact you (website, blog, email address, phone etc...)

Job offers can be written :
• in English
• in French
• in Spanish
• in German
• in Japanese

In the subject of the topic, please indicate [Job] or [CV] at the begining, then write the job / your main skill in the chosen language.

For example, if you are an English speaker :
[Job]Looking for a 2D animator
[CV] Storyboard Artist

If you are a French speaker :
[Job]Recherche un animateur 2D
[CV] Storyboardeur

Please, if you find an employee or if the offer has to be canceled, don't forget to close your thread.

Thank you,
the TVPaint team.