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This topic is dedicated to Open Beta versions. Post here your comment, bugs notifications and ideas about the Android version !
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Post Bugs/Features Here

Post by Shanytc » 07 Aug 2010, 11:24

It would be easier if a single thread will contain all bugs for the Linux version!


1. Sometimes TVPaint's painting tool (free hand tool) starts to draw not from the middle of the cross mouse pointer, but from the bottom part of the cross pointer, which results in annoying painting solution, and I have to restart TVPaint to regain normal painting.

2. when rotating the canvas and than moving the canvas from the navigator red box, coordinates are upside down.

1. It would be very cool to able to move/extend several layer areas together.
for example, when I select a layer and want to make animation slower by duplicating the layer frames (clicking the small right bottom rectangle of a frame) and moving to the right, is it possible to select several layers and do that together? this way it would save much time doing all layers together instead of layer by layer.

2. exporting a movie to AVI / MOV, is that possible under Linux? although exporting the project in image sequence is awesome, Linux however doesn't have the best post processing application out there (like, Adobe's After Effects for Windows)
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Re: Post Bugs/Features Here

Post by Hervé » 07 Aug 2010, 11:41

1. The last version inactivate the tablet subpixel functionality, but the setting is already saved in your config with the previous version. Go to the preference panel and inactivate the subpixel setting.
When the bug appear, you don't need to restart TVP, just move the window to reset the tablet coordinate mapping.

2. Not a bug, the small navigator panel show the current canvas position in the project.

1. Already possible with a function in the animator panel.

2. It's not easy for us, because a lot a export libraries is not in L-GPL or BSD license and we can't use it.
BTW, export functions are external and everyone can write plug-ins to add other file format.
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