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Peter Wassink
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Fields ?

Post by Peter Wassink » 21 Nov 2009, 20:18

madsjuul wrote:Our Brain Has one fantastic function that computers don't have. Humans can forget things we don't use.
I was just thinking if a forum dedicated to functionallity of TVPAint we whant to remove because its deprecated or should be changes or should be merged together with other functions would be a good ideer?
I have never seen it before in other forums. But a lot of other softwares I know could use this.
Just a thought. maybe it's silly
:-) Mads
here's a remove request.

(Are they still being used now that HD is the new standard?)
For animation they were never needed anyway.

And if removing is not called for then maybe bury them deeper so that only if you somehow really need them, you can activate them through a number of steps.
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Re: Fields ?

Post by ematecki » 23 Nov 2009, 16:13

Peter Wassink wrote: (Are they still being used now that HD is the new standard?)
Unfortunately, yes :(
The "very intelligent people" who designed the HD standard kept this crap !
Quicktime is DEAD. Get over it and move on !

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Re: Fields ?

Post by malcooning » 30 Nov 2009, 08:09

I say bury them, but not kill them.

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Re: Fields ?

Post by slowtiger » 30 Nov 2009, 11:14

Yes, they should go into some "additional options".

This would BTW be a great option anyway: if every user could stash away all the stuff he never needs into some third level option panel. If this could be implemented in a generic way, it would be great! It should not only work for panles, but for evey drop-down list. For example, I'd like to weed out my list of export file formats since I only use three of them anyway. Having only these three would make me just a tad bit faster (oh, how much I'd like to have this in Photoshop!). Everything else could be hidden behind an "others" entry at the bottom of the list.
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