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WACOM Switcher 1.43 feb/03/2007

Posted: 09 Jan 2007, 16:46
by lemec
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Mirrors: This is a program to switch between dual monitors on a single WACOM tablet or cintiq.

version history

+: additions
-: omissions
#: fixes
  • 01/10/2007 version 1.01...
  • 01/13/2007 version 1.15...
    + FABRICE MODE (used for reversing monitor layouts)
  • 01/13/2007 version 1.16...
    + select where your wacomtablet.cpl file resides
    + shows if Apply button is found during set-combobox
  • 01/13/2007 version 1.17...
    # problem of wacomtablet.cpl file location not being saved in the INI
  • 01/15/2007 version 1.30...
    + Ramming Switch Mode
    + Double-Bump Mode (default)
    + Triple-Bump Mode
    + Interactively adjust width of Switch Zone
    + Interactively set Ramming Velocity and Tolerance
    + New sounds for Ramming Switch Mode
  • version 1.31
    # slight tweak to sounds -- be sure to re-extract and overwrite ALL files with this version.
  • version 1.32
    # problem with utility becoming nonfunctional after setting Ramming Speed
    # problem with glass sounds being played even if sound turned off
    # sounds have 3 modes -- just choose the option to cycle between the modes. off/on/smash
    # made the default settings use Ramming Switch and better preset settings...
  • version 1.33
    # added in "jump-rejection sensing" that rejects large jumps in cursor position (such as those caused by the user lifting up the stylus out of range and then placing it near the edge). If a positional jump is greater than 8x of the minimum ramming speed, it will reject the movement without remapping the monitor.
  • version 1.34
    + support for Graphire tablets...
  • version 1.35
    # fixed support for graphire tablets... hope it works... You have to hit this button and run the combobox selector Pen Tab->Pen Mode->Details
  • version 1.40
    # fixed support for graphire tablets... AGAIN...
    + hotkeys. I made a very nice hotkey-editing window too.
    # renamed Fabrice Mode to Swap Monitors
    # organized the menu a bit -- things were getting cluttered. The Config menu holds all the settings that you set up in the beginning and leave alone afterwards. The Options menu stores settings that you may want to tweak frequently.
  • version 1.41
    # Sometimes program would become inactive during switching... added a hack to make the program active again.
  • version 1.42
    + option to disable autoswitching, for people who want to use hotkeys exclusively.
  • version 1.43
    + option to automatically minimize the control panel to the task-tray at startup for Intuos and UD tablets
    # fixed problem with working directory -- now config file INI and WAV files are all referenced from wherever the wacswitch.EXE is located.

Download and unzip all the files(and .wav files) to a separate directory, something like:
c:\program files\wacswitch


Fire up the wacswitch.exe program to begin

You might want to toss a shortcut to the wacswitch.exe into your startup shortcuts folder if you want it to run at startup. Remember to set the working directory of any shortcuts to the same directory where you installed the utility.

The first thing it should do is (hopefully) launch the control panel and bring it to the foreground. It does this by launching:

Code: Select all

"%WINDIR%\system32\rundll32.exe" %WINDIR%\system32\shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL "%WINDIR%\system32\WacomTablet.cpl",Wacom Tablet Properties
Unfortunately, every time you start up the program, you'll have to click on the tab where you remap your tablet. Maybe in later versions I'll have it automatically cycle through and find the correct tab, but it's a haphazard process right now...

Okay, you should also see a new taskbar tray icon that looks like a little wacom tablet. If you right-click that, you can access various options (and shut down the app).

If you're not on an English system, don't sweat it. I didn't forget about you guys!

Go to the OPTIONS menu and choose:
  1. "Localize Apply" -- this will let you choose the spelling for the APPLY button that you have to hit on the older wacom drivers to apply remapping changes.
  2. "Localize Monitor" -- this will let you choose the spelling for the word MONITOR that appears in the selection widget. For instance, French systems might use the word "Moniteur"...

    BTW... if the first monitor in the list is a CINTIQ, then enter Cintiq instead.

    This setting is not case-sensitive, and can be a partial string!
Oh yes... If you have your primary #1 monitor to the right of your secondary #2 monitor, (reversed monitor layout) go to Options->Fabrice Mode and turn that option on.

Now, regardless of your language...

Go to Options->Set ComboBox

It will then ask you to click the wacom control panel. Then it'll search through all the visible controls on the window in an attempt to find the combobox with the "Monitor" entries and find the "Apply" button, if it exists.

If it didn't work -- remember that you have to get to the remapping tab!


Just click the taskbar icon instead and it'll hide the control panel for you! If you need to get back to that control panel, click the taskbar icon again. If you accidentally close the Wacom Switcher app before unhiding the Control Panel, don't sweat -- it will automatically unhide the control panel when you close it.

All your settings are saved in the wacswitch.ini folder where you installed the program.


Hover your stylus near the right side of your tablet -- when you're in range, you'll hear a little "klunk" sound (if you have sound activated). Back off a little bit, until you hear a "plink" and then move the stylus back to the edge. If you did it right, you'll hear a "ping" and the stylus cursor will jump over to the other monitor.

To remap the stylus back to the left side, redo that same operation, except on the left side of the tablet. Try to get used to this "double-bump" movement. If it suddenly stops working, move your stylus to the center of the screen and try again.

You can also do double-bumps while dragging the stylus to drag windows and icons from one monitor to the other!

When you use the mouse to manually move the cursor to either the screen, it will also automatically remap the tablet.

* if you find yourself accidentally switching a lot, you may want to adjust the Switch Zone Width or use the Triple-Bump mode. (since v1.30)

===== New since v1.30 *** RAMMING MODE =====

This is a special mode that acts when the cursor is "rammed" into the side of the monitor at a high-speed, travelling horizontally. You can set the minimum speed necessary to cause it to switch and set the amount of "angular inaccuracy" allowed using: Options->Ramming Switch Velocity

*Why I made this tool...*

I've been using my Cintiq as part of a dual-monitor setup for some time now and it's annoying to have to switch between using the stylus and the mouse every time I want to access controls on the other monitor.

Well, no more!

I rigged up a handy AutoHotkey script that can remap the tablet to the other display simply by "bonking" the cursor against the side of the screen towards the other monitor twice in rapid succession. You can drag windows from one side of the screen to the other and never have to use a mouse all!

Even better is the "Ramming Mode" added in version 1.30 that lets you ram the cursor at high-speed into the side of the display to switch monitors. Later versions 1.33 included "positional-jump rejection" to avoid accidental switching when the user lifts the stylus, moves it a fair distance and then brings it back down near the edge.

Anyways, I've got it working for the Cintiq, and now it also works for the Intuos and graphire tablets as well as a unified app that you just run in the background and select which tablet you have (for the first time you set up the program).

See, the program works by leaving the Wacom Control Panel open (it can be minimized in the background) and then the switching app can send the proper commands to the control panel to switch the mapping.

The utility includes various functions in the options menu to detect where the buttons and comboboxes are and to interactively set the ramming speed and switch zones.

Posted: 09 Jan 2007, 18:45
by Peter Wassink
Sounds interesting Marc,

always willing to try your inventions.... :wink:

Posted: 09 Jan 2007, 18:58
by lemec
The first image is perfect -- you won't have to use a stretched-wacom mapping -- this tool will make it unnecessary (I hope)...

Unfortunately I don't have a triple-monitor setup although I could probably jury-rig something if there's enough demand for it...

Posted: 09 Jan 2007, 20:17
by ZigOtto
mine, 2 different mappings regarding which one of my pen I use.
driver version 4.78-6
Number Of Tablets : 1

Tablet Summary For Intuos 2 6x8 :
Tablet Attached to: USB
Tablet Enumeration: 12
Tablet Model: 211
Tablet Version: 1
Tablet Revision: 1
Tablet Variation: 5
Tablet OEM Code: 0
Number of Customized Apps for Intuos 2 6x8 : 1

Intuos 2 6x8 - Application Sumary for All Applications :
Application Identifier: 0
Mapping Group ID: 2049
Number of Customized Tools for All Applications : 2

Intuos 2 6x8 - All Applications - Tool Summary for i2 Grip Pen :
Tool Enumeration: 23
Tool Device ID: 18514
Tool Serial Number: 23083252
Tool Mapping Set Index: 3
Input Origin 1: 0, 0
Input Extents 1: 20320, 15240
Output Origin: 0, 0
Output Extents: 2560, 1024

Intuos 2 6x8 - All Applications - Tool Summary for i2 Classic Pen :
Tool Enumeration: 22
Tool Device ID: 18466
Tool Serial Number: 37748845
Tool Mapping Set Index: 4
Input Origin 1: 0, 0
Input Extents 1: 20320, 15240
Output Origin: 0, 0
Output Extents: 1280, 1024

Posted: 09 Jan 2007, 21:12
by lemec
Hmm... That's right... the Intuos supports multiple pointing devices... I hadn't considered that -- and I don't believe I have any way of querying which pen is being tracked at any given time...

My tool will only affect the currently selected pen, unfortunately. The mechanism by which it works is crude, but effective. It sends a MouseWheelDown/MouseWheelUp event to the combo-box that selects which display to map to.

Okay, one other thing I hadn't considered is that you're using an older WACOM driver with a differently constructed control panel -- but don't go and upgrade just yet!

Could you run a little test?
  1. Set the display area to Monitor 1, and hover your stylus over the tablet (so you can see which monitor the stylus is mapped to)
  2. Now, if you click the mapping combo-box (the one in the Display Area section that says: "Monitor 1" or "Monitor 2" or "Entire Display") it should pop up the list.
  3. If you click the mapping combo-box a second time, the list should disappear, but that combo-box should have the "keyboard focus" -- that is, if you type anything, it will control that item.
  4. By pressing the up/down keys on your keyboard, it should select the various options. Hover your stylus over the tablet while switching the different modes. Does it affect the mapping of the tablet? Or do you have to hit Apply first?

Posted: 09 Jan 2007, 21:59
by ZigOtto

I've followed your instructions, but in step4, hovering the pen on the tablet while changing my selection monitor1/monitor2/entire display,
my attainable area stayed mapping on monitor 1, but after a click on OK, my cursor became crazy!!!
when I moved from left to right (horizontally, it goes up to down !!!... :o
I've apparently modified the orientation to portrait flipped, by an oversight...?
a "revert tab" ended this devilish behavior!

... so the answer at your question is : I have to hit [Apply] to affect the new mapping.

Posted: 10 Jan 2007, 06:29
by lemec
This is fantastic -- I'm getting pretty far along... sorry I gotta ask all these questions, but it's because everyone's got different wacom control windows so I'm going the extra mile and allowing users to click the controls that need to be changed (this will make the program nearly universal) and also jumping through a few hoops to make it fastidiously bullet-proof...

Are Monitor 1 and Monitor 2 the first two choices in that comboBox?

Posted: 10 Jan 2007, 09:40
by fabrice_
as usual, excellent idea Mark !!!

here is the panel for my wacom intuos3 (driver version : 4.93-3)

(same mapping for each pen)

Posted: 10 Jan 2007, 11:50
by lemec
Okay, I've uploaded 1.0 of the wacom-switcher at the top of this thread...

Let me know if it works for you!

Posted: 10 Jan 2007, 12:56
by fabrice_
Options->Set ComboBox
ok, it works
Hover your stylus near the right side of your tablet -- when you're in range, you'll hear a little "klunk" sound (if you have sound activated). Back off a little bit, until you hear a "plink" and then move the stylus back to the edge. If you did it right, you'll hear a "ping" and the stylus cursor will jump over to the other monitor.
hmmm, my cursor move from the left screen to the left edge of right screen , but once I try to move it on the right screen, it comes back to the right screen ... no sound is emitted too :(
Maybe didn't I do the good stylus movement ?

EDIT2 : hmmm .. wait a little, I'm certainly wrong ... It plays sounds now :)

Posted: 10 Jan 2007, 13:37
by fabrice_
nb : if it could help, my two screens does not have the same resolution.

The first time I quitted the wacom-switcher, I couldn't close nor change anything in the wacom driver panel.
The second time, alll was ok.

sometimes it plays sounds (often when I move the mouse), sometimes not ...

sometimes this panel appears (I don't know why) :

tell me if you need more informations.

Posted: 10 Jan 2007, 15:57
by ZigOtto
lemec wrote:Are Monitor 1 and Monitor 2 the first two choices in that comboBox?
no, the first choice (top of the list) is "entire display", then Monitor 1 and Monitor 2, in this order.

Posted: 10 Jan 2007, 18:07
by lemec
Ah, this is very important information! OK! thanks guys -- ill get right on that...

Posted: 10 Jan 2007, 18:40
by lemec
Okay -- done!

Now for people with Cintiq monitors, you should go to the OPTIONS->Localize Monitor and enter "Cintiq" instead...
You will have to re-run the OPTIONS->Set Combobox utility again as this will detect the first monitor in the list...

fabrice -- if you move the mouse over from one display into the other, you may hear it play sounds -- this is because the script cannot tell if you are using the stylus or the mouse to move the cursor. However, if you move the cursor into the other screen using the mouse, it will automatically remap the stylus to the monitor the cursor is in!

Posted: 12 Jan 2007, 09:18
by fabrice_
However, if you move the cursor into the other screen using the mouse, it will automatically remap the stylus to the monitor the cursor is in!
Sorry, it does not work here. :cry: the cursor always come back to my monitor 2.

I can hear the sounds when I move the cursor at the right edge of the monitor 1 (see below) but there is not sound when the cursor move between monitor 1 and monitor 2.