Transparency/Flow of operation

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Paris Fox
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Transparency/Flow of operation

Post by Paris Fox » 14 May 2008, 16:59

In the Past the Casablanca did not have a dedicated VIDEO, AUDIO and PHOTO ARCHIVE that you could transfer out of and import in. Now they do, which is very exciting. It would be VERY, VERY, VERY beneficial to have the ability in CB Paint 2 now working with high Resolution Photos and HDTV video to be able to transfer clips to and from the Video and Photo archives into CB paint 2 and also transfer High resolution Photos in and out of the Photo Archives with Ease and transparency.

In the past using CB paint, you did not have any control or operation over high resolution Video or Photos. Even in CB paint 2 to work with Photos their was too many WORK AROUNDS. As an artist and animator using the Casablanca, now that the hardware is up to par with operating with HD images and video, it would be nice to have CB Paint 2 have the same FLOW and OPERATION.

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Re: Transparency/Flow of operation

Post by Mike » 22 May 2008, 13:39

Hello Paris,

Sorry for the late answer.
To be able to work with the Archives should be a nice improvement. I note it.
TVPaint Team

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