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Just a shout out..

Posted: 28 Nov 2007, 03:30
by CartoonMonkey
A short shout out to the TVP team, as they advance onward to v 9.0!

Hope you're out there squashing every little bug you find..

(let it load once.. 5mb sorry no preloader on this one..)


Posted: 28 Nov 2007, 08:37
by Fabrice
It seems we have to use a new smiley on the forum each time someone find a bug :
The Cyclop Smiley : o-) :lol:

Posted: 28 Nov 2007, 23:05
by CartoonMonkey
I like the cyclops emoticon..! Ha..

Maybe I'll make a habit of posting small TVP animations here.. or actually start a gallery.. :roll:

Working with the 9.0 alpha.. no crashes in 3 hours..
(click for animated .gif)

Posted: 29 Nov 2007, 01:04
by ZigOtto
haha! ...very funny! :lol:

keep them coming. :wink:

Posted: 29 Nov 2007, 12:59
by Peter Wassink
wow thats great fun, love it!