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Itegami animation

Posted: 12 Jun 2018, 14:40
by nachoblanco
Hi, guys!

This is a short animation I just finished, in collaboration with music composer Corey Laury.

The story is about a snowy village that one day is plagued by the appearance of evil spirits that dry everything around. One of the children, at night, climbs to the top of the mountain and prays for cold again. Suddenly, the god of blizzard, Itegami, appears conjuring snow and banishing the spirits, until the village is restored.

Hope you like it!

Corey Laury Soundcloud: ... orey-laury

Youtube video:

Re: Itegami animation

Posted: 18 Jul 2018, 18:44
by lam giang
Thanks for sharing :)

Re: Itegami animation

Posted: 24 Jul 2018, 23:56
by nachoblanco
lam giang wrote:
18 Jul 2018, 18:44
Thanks for sharing :)
Thank you, lam.