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A vanishing point tool

Posted: 14 Mar 2009, 14:05
by Satrip
It would be very usefull to have a tool to put some vanishing points, specially when they are outside the drawing area. (I know there is such feature in the Retas software called "vanishing point layer".. )
I though the Guides tool could do the trick (at least place a vanishing point) but when I set a guide outside the drawing area it displays only the axis which is across the drawing area, not the other axis, so there's no "point" :P .

Re: A vanishing point tool

Posted: 15 Mar 2009, 17:21
by Fabrice
nice idea.

Re: A vanishing point tool

Posted: 24 Sep 2009, 07:45
by NickA
Vanishing point tools would be a really great addition to TVP. It's a topic that seems to keep showing up on this forum.

I'd really like it if the line tool could lock on to any vanishing point you create. Then you could make in perspective lines (and guidelines) without having to zoom out heaps (which slows down workflow and reduces line accuracy). 8) Did I read this idea somewhere else?

It may also be cool if you could lock the 3pt spline tool to the vanishing points as well, for curvelinear perspectives (although I don't know much about curvelinear perspective yet and I still have to check out lemec's protractor tool).

At the moment, when vanishing point are outside the scene, I make the image larger with the crop tool.

Re: A vanishing point tool

Posted: 24 Sep 2009, 08:39
by KenC
Would be realy nice to have some kind of vanishing point and perspective tools.

I'd also realy realy like a horizontal and vertical ruler so I can establish a scale. I tried using some onscreen ruler programs but it just doesn't work.

Re: A vanishing point tool

Posted: 24 Sep 2009, 09:53
by slowtiger
Perspective tool: yes, would be very helpful. (Although I prefer working on paper - must be a tradition because my father taught me to draw in perspective when I was 6 yrs old ...)

Rulers: Good idea. May I suggest an approach I haven't found (so far) in any software:

The dimensions and units of a bitmap are not really helpful for me when I animate, instead they're clumsy and cumbersome. I don't want to calculate a walking distance of 12 steps in units of 27,5 pixels each.

I'd like to have a ruler whith these attributes:
- not restricted to horizontal or vertical (although these should be default)
- opens with a box where I can type in a number of steps
- these steps will be distributed evenly when I drag and scale the ruler
- later I might re-open the dialogue and change the number of steps of any ruler
- the length of a step should be given in pixels, to use it in the keyframer or wherever
- the distance between start and end point should be given in pixels, and maybe in other units as well?
- the angle of the ruler should be given.

It should be possible to have more than one ruler at a time, either on different layers (or as a property to any other layer), or as differently colored rulers in one general ruler layer.

And since we're at writing wishlists again, so shortly after a new release (and I'd like to have a pony, too!):
- the scale should be toggled between linear and perspective - you know, the row of poles to the horizon - I know how to construct that in correct perspective, but it would be so much easier to have it calculated by TVP
- the little strokes which indicate the steps should have their own orientation.

I really like the idea to connect settings within a project, so maybe the grid size could be another alternative unit for a ruler, and both will change when the other is changed (that way I could construct stuff from an existing grid, or derivate a grid from existing stuff). This goes even further into the concept of a "walk cycle assistant" - but that doesn''t belong here.

Maybe I should draw a sketch for this since my description doesn't sound very clear. (More coffee.)

Re: A vanishing point tool

Posted: 24 Sep 2009, 15:22
by NickA
I've added some simple perspective/scale cutbrushes that some people may find useful.

Re: A vanishing point tool

Posted: 08 Feb 2012, 09:30
by Sewie
+1 for a vanishing point tool!
Would be a wonderful addition.