R-click erase mode- adjustable?

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R-click erase mode- adjustable?

Post by yalih » 10 Jan 2021, 11:11

right now the eraser in the R click mode is the same brush, which is great!
but most times, when I use a thin brush, it is not comfortable to erase accordingly with a thin brush, and then I have to switch to an eraser tool in order to erase larger areas.
if we could adjust the size of the R click eraser, and then keep this gap between the brush\erase sizes the same (also when you switch to a different brush) it would be AMAZING.
as long as we don't change the properties, the eraser can be larger\smaller than its original brush mode.

in photoshop, for example, it works like that. you can increase\decrease brush size with { } keystrokes at the same time you are using the Rclick erase mode. it is then applied in the eraser and not at the brush.
thanks a lot

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Re: R-click erase mode- adjustable?

Post by Xavier » 20 Jan 2021, 23:31

In the release 11.5.1 you will have a separate free hand eraser on the tip of your pen (when you flip the pen).

I'll see if possible to do something with this right click :)
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Re: R-click erase mode- adjustable?

Post by Peter Wassink » 12 Feb 2021, 18:41

One option is to set the wacom rocker to ' eraser' mode
that way if you press it it will actuate the TVPaint eraser untill release.

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