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Keyframer > FX Bin > Add

Posted: 05 Jan 2020, 18:14
by D.T. Nethery
The feature FX Stack > KeyFramer (or other FX) > Add to the FX Bin is quite useful, except that the list of my saved Keyframer FX added to the FX Bin is now a very long , cluttered list. I know I can Export them to save them in a separate folder until such time as I want to Import them again , and I know I can delete individual FX in the Bin that I no longer need , but is there a way to Add an FX to the Bin for only a specific project , but then when I open a new project the same FX will not be saved in the FX Bin of the new project ? I don't necessarily need these saved FX in the FX Bin to be in every project , you know ? It's because there are certainly some FX I want to save to the FX Bin to re-use later, but I'm trying to cut down on the clutter in the list of saved FX in the Bin.

Another Feature/Improvement request:

When I want to save an FX by Exporting it , it is annoying that the name of the FX in the Export window is "Untitled" and must be renamed , even through in the FX Bin I've already named it. So for example , let's say I have a KeyFramer FX that I've added to the FX Bin named SC_05_Slow_Pan_v2 ... I have that FX currently in the FX Stack and now I want to Export it. When I click on Export the name shows as Untitled , which means I have to retype in SC_05_Slow_Pan_v2 . This seems like it should be unnecessary, since the FX already has a name assigned in the FX Bin so Exporting the FX it should have the same name (with the option to rename it if desired).


By the way, where are these individual FX saved in the FX Bin stored ? Is it possible to delete them all at the same time , instead of deleting them one at a time ?
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Re: Keyframer > FX Bin > Add

Posted: 31 Jan 2020, 14:55
by D.T. Nethery
Are any of the requests with the FX Bin mentioned in my post above possible ?

What I would like to be able to do is save specific FX in the Bin for specific projects which will be shared with other users, but not have ALL of my previously saved FX in the Bin
show up when I share the .tvpp project file with another user, because the list of saved FX is too long and cluttered ... I understand that I could simply delete many of these save FX in the list , but some of the saved FX I would still want to save for future use and it is tedious to have to go through the list and delete them one by one. But when sharing a project file with a specific FX in the Bin , I don't necessarily want or need to have all of my saved FX in the Bin . Does that make sense ? (Maybe I am misunderstanding how the FX in the Bin are stored and shared ?)

In the user manual - ... ails-reset

it says: "Effects will be re-usable when opening the software only if you saved the configuration when quitting. Resetting it will delete all the user's effects."
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I'm not sure what this means about saving the configuration ? As I understand the term configuration in reference to TVPaint , it means my own configuration , but how is that saved for another user to open the project file and have my saved FX in the Bin accessible (because the other user will have their own TVPaint configuration on their computer) ? I would have thought that if I save the .tvpp file with Dependencies embedded in project then the saved FX in the FX Bin will be part of the project file ?

So perhaps the better way to share saved FX is to Export them to a folder and then share that folder along with the .tvpp project file , so the other user may then import the saved FX ?

These questions are because I will be starting a project working with remote team members and need to be able to share FX with them in an efficient way.