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Can you Add in "Logical Pixel" not just "Physical Pixel" for Viewing?

Posted: 10 Oct 2019, 01:28
by TheQuestionMark
I have a 4K Monitor 200% Scale. I was wondering you can add "Logical Pixel" to TVPaint. It's hard to see if how it looks good in 1080P, since there's no options to switch between Physical Pixel Mode and Logical Pixel Mode.

The best example, if you can go to Microsoft Store, download, and use Picturereflect Photo Viewer. Go to "To Size" type "1280 x 720" or "1920 x 1080" in "Virtual Pixel" and be sure it's scaled on display properties 200%. You can try "Physical Pixel" as well to see the difference two "physical pixel" and "virtual pixel = logical pixel". I wish you scale back to 1080P from 4k so you can see how your image, and there are times the play preview doesn't display in the correct ratio in the correct 1080P Ratio or the Actual Aspect Ratio (4K).