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Improving the Stroke Fill to Fill in Existing Color Not Just Transperancy

Posted: 27 May 2019, 06:53
by TheQuestionMark
I'm wondering if TVPaint can improve on stroke fill like Clip Paint Studio. I think with there would be alot less dirty color specs for me when coloring.

Here are the option of what Clip Studio haves. I think I'll use "Target All Color" one mostly for my Suggestion. And use "Area Surrounded by Transparent" as well.


Am I doing it correctly to Stroke Fill existing color on color on TVPaint? Like Clip Studio can? Here's the example below on "Target All Color" on Clip Paint.


Also is there's another thing on Fill. Can you tweak on "Expand" to be more accurate? I don't think it's accurate enough. It needs to be two decimals places for more accurate filling.

I'm dying for an update on TVPaint.