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Interface UNDO

Posted: 13 Jul 2018, 21:37
by CartoonMonkey
I work with many people who use TVPaint, who are great animators, but do not fully understand the TVPaint interface. I had someone contact me recently saying... "What is this checkerboard background??" How do I turn it off, and make my background white again?? I had to go through the process of explaining how to change the background color in tvpaint. Selecting a color with the color picker, and it wasn't necessarily that intuitive. Or I get e-mails about: "Why can't I move my layer? I hit a button somehow and...." -and the list goes on!

What would be fantastic, is a button.. say F11 or F12, that would bring up an interface undo dialog. This would list say, the last 20 changes one made with the interface, and list them in plain language.
(This would be non linear, like Photoshop's history, so that they could be undone / redone out of order.)

Background color changed - Undo?
Closed palette toolbar - Undo?
Turned stencil on in layer X - Undo?
Changed shortcut key . . . - Undo?
etc etc..

This way, anyone confused about how to bring back a control or some small setting they don't quite know how to find, can do it easily.

Re: Interface UNDO

Posted: 14 Jul 2018, 13:48
by D.T. Nethery
Great idea ! (I get the same sort of questions constantly from colleagues or students)


Re: Interface UNDO

Posted: 16 Jul 2018, 12:38
by Thierry
I really like this idea too!

It could be quite complicated to implement (as in we'd have to create a new type of Undo that would be specific to the interface) and take a lot of time as we'd have to revisit each source code file that has something related to the interface (i.e. resizing a panel, changing a shortcut...), but this could be indeed really useful, and I'd really like to see this in the software :)

It definetely won't be there for v11.5, but maybe for later :p