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TVpaint light

Post by momo » 28 Aug 2017, 09:27


I was wondering if there was other people who ever wanted to have a light version of tvpaint: with even fewer features then the "standard" version.

Something like: 5 layers max, no effects, no camera, only RGB colors pencils, no layer modes, no cgt layers, only the basic tools, no flips, no rooms, no project or xsheet panel, no layer color, no bookmark, no image mark, no share manager,

Personnaly I noticed that 90% of time I use only the basics. The reason behind is simple for everything else there are more powerful alternatives out there. Except of course for simply doing 2D hand drawn animation, that is THE thing TVpaint is best at its fast and easy to use.

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Re: TVpaint light

Post by Elodie » 28 Aug 2017, 10:16

Hi momo, there is already a topic about it : ... ite#p72056