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Traducción de tópicos al Castellano/Português

Posted: 22 Jun 2013, 15:11
by kaiko

I have been following your community some time ago. And I reeally admire your team, your team of developers!

I admire the way you behave with a new member, answering the topics, talking about piracy software, etc....

My English is sometimes good, depends on the idea that I would like to communicate. If there are not so many people around here for doing the Spanish translations, I would really love to give my support, just for my pleasure since I am starting to think that TVPaint is the best soft for 2D animations and Painting images in one packed. I have Artrage and I am starting to became interested in learning some animations, just for fun of course, but I do no like at all to have to switch between programs.. and TVPaint since the right one....

Thank you for all your honesty and effort
(I am going to start the chronometer... to see when this topic is going to be answered !... (a joke :D )

Hice el download de la versión trial. Podré intervenir en el foro cuando tenga dudas mías?

Me gustaría ayudarlos, caso necesiten de alguna ayuda, en lo que concierne a las traducciones de ingles para el castellano, y viceversa. También hablo el Brasileño (Portugués) y en eso también los puedo ayudar.

Dejo aquí mis ideas. Cuando quieran díganme algo sobre eso. Gracias



Re: Traducción de tópicos al Castellano/Português

Posted: 23 Jun 2013, 22:00
by Fabrice
thanks for your help :)

Re: Traducción de tópicos al Castellano/Português

Posted: 23 Jun 2013, 23:01
by kaiko
Fabrice wrote:thanks for your help :)
You are welcome
(if you need something about that you can contact me by email)