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FXBrush Set (FX Stack painting)

Posted: 22 Mar 2010, 20:29
by Svengali
Here is a two button set inspired by a feature in the PPalette Plugin by Mark Chong and a recent post in Feature Requests Forum by Satrip about FX Stack Painting. The file is in TVPX format.

FXBrush Set = Two Buttons
FXBrush Set.jpg
FXBrush Button
Lets you setup FX processing to the current frame, copies it into the Spare Buffer, restores the current frame and sets the drawing tool's mode to Merge. This lets you selectively modify the current frame by simply drawing... Each stroke on the current fame reveals FX imagery from the Spare Buffer.

To use:
1. Setup the FX Stack window with your effect. DO NOT APPLY IT TO THE FRAME.
2. Click the FXBrush button. You won't see any change, but the FX process has been applied to the frame which was then copied into the Spare Buffer.
3. Draw anywhere you want on the frame image and the strokes will modify it using the FX processed Spare Buffer image.
4. Clicking the FXBrush button at any time will update the Spare Buffer, after re-applying the FX process to the current image.
5. When you are done "merging", set the draw-Mode back to Color to revert again to normal drawing functionality.

1. The Merge draw-mode isn't available with the custombrush tool, so a warning message will appear. Stop using custombrush and select some other drawing tool (penbrush, airbrush, filled shape, etc.) and press the FXBrush button again.
2. If you have no FX loaded in the Stack window, you will get an "FX Stack" error message when you press the FXBrush button.

ViewBuffer Button
Lets you temporarily view the contents of the Frame Buffer and return to the current frame.

To use:
Clicking the ViewBuffer Button swaps the current frame with the Spare Buffer so you can see the image you will be merging. Click OK in the pop-up warning window, to swap the Buffer image with the current frame and proceed with merge-drawing.

Re: FXBrush Set (FX Stack painting)

Posted: 23 Mar 2010, 07:15
by Elodie
Thanks for sharing this panel and all the following informations =)

Re: FXBrush Set (FX Stack painting)

Posted: 23 Mar 2010, 10:22
by Satrip
Thank you again Sven ! :mrgreen:
Much cleaner solution than the one I had done yet (a custom button with 4 shortcut lines: ApplyFx+ copy to spare+ project undo+ merge paint mode),
it does the same but slower than your script, and I had an annoying message asking if I want to replace the former spare..

Re: FXBrush Set (FX Stack painting)

Posted: 04 Aug 2010, 05:42
by 3Dementia
I love you

Re: FXBrush Set (FX Stack painting)

Posted: 31 Jul 2018, 07:55
by Peter Wassink
I bump this because this is still such a great tool!
and download count is only at 112 at the moment of this post.
i'm sure many current TVPaint users would love it.