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Stick layer to camera with "Render Project" function

Posted: 30 Jan 2017, 12:51
by NathanOtano
I found accidentaly a simple way to stick a layer to the camera. It's kind of a bug but I would like to keep it like that <3

You can click on this exemple :
Untitled (1) Camera(2).gif
When you use the "Render Camera view to a new project" function, layers that doesn't last till the last frame of the clip doesn't interpolate where there is no instance.

What it means is that you can choose if you want to interpolate a layer with the camera or not by :
- putting layers on the full length of the clip, then it interpolates
- or having it during 1 frame only, then it sticks to the cam.
Handy for storyboarding when you want an info (like some notes) to be visible on the screen all along the cut even if you have a huge cam movement. Or if you want to pan your background and keep some overlay (eye shape around your picture if you're in a pov for exemple)