How do you delete an instance?

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How do you delete an instance?

Post by Loud » 31 Aug 2015, 00:57

Hello -

I’m currently animating in TVP v9.5 (an old version, I know), but I’d like to know how to simply delete an instance (or image, or exposure, or cel, or whatever other multitude of names that TVP decides to call it) from an anim layer? When I say “delete”, I mean I want it GONE, as in I don’t even want to see the residual white cel that just sits there like a town drunk who won’t leave the bar at closing time. Clicking on the skull-and-crossbones merely clears the image, but leaves a white cel in place; Layer > Exposure > Remove Exposure does nothing.

Getting really frustrated here! I was about to make the leap to version 11, but I’m reluctant to do so unless it has become more animator-intuitive since 9.5.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks much.

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Re: How do you delete an instance?

Post by 2dbert » 31 Aug 2015, 01:54

Not sure that it worked this way already in V9, but in 10 you can do that with the animator panel- the skull button of the instance menu deletes the current instance. You see, instances and exposures aren't the same thing. An instance can have more than one exposure, if you delete one of them, your instance isn't gone, and if there's just the instance without additional exposures, the delete one exposure command won't do anything, and rightly so.
Hope that helps, good night.
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Re: How do you delete an instance?

Post by Léo » 31 Aug 2015, 07:57

If you want to delete totally one instance, you can directly use the "DEL" short key on your keyboard. It will erase the instance and delete the all instance from the Timeline.
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Re: How do you delete an instance?

Post by Svengali » 31 Aug 2015, 12:06

Layer:Delete Image works for me (in TVPaint 10 and 11).

Even better, it works for all of the following:
1. deleting the current image, whether it is an Instance or an Exposure, whether selected or not.
2. also, it works for deleting a selection of images (it is smart, too, about turning exposures into instances where it makes sense).
3. also, clicking multiple times nicely chews away images, one at a time in quick order.

I have assigned Layer:Delete Image to Ctrl Del shortcut so i know my frame deletions are intended.

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Re: How do you delete an instance?

Post by ZigOtto » 03 Sep 2015, 11:09

preliminary, what's your tvpa version exactly (v.9.5.x) ?
if x < 21 ... update.
then, if you are a new TVPA user and want to start and animate,
basically all you need is to learn how to make good use of the Animator Panel,
[Delete Instance] is one of the commands included in it,
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once this basement acquired, you will be able to go further,
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Re: How do you delete an instance?

Post by Paul Fierlinger » 03 Sep 2015, 12:04

I want it GONE, as in I don’t even want to see the residual white cel that just sits there
I think this is exactly what is frustrating the man. There is nothing in the Animator Panel that lets him do what I picked from his quote. I had the same strong feelings about the subject back in the 9.5 days, and agree with you, ZigO that it should be one of the basement tools, but this wasn't the case and using the plain old delete key didn't do it either. In TVP 11 this and many other missing basic tools are all present and then some. I'd say, drop 9.5 and buy 11, as you said, Loud. TVP 11 is what Windows 10 is to Windows XP.
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