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Features list

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Real-Time Paint
# Real-Time Paint on 16bit mask depth, up to 32bits per layer.
# Sub-pixel accuracy ensures smooth line drawing regardless of brush speed
# Paint modes include Color, Erase, Merge, Light, Shade, Behind, Clone, Colorize, Tint, Smooth, Noise, Grain, Negative, Sharp, Emboss, Add, Sub, Multiply, Screen, Solarize, Saturate and UnSaturate.
# Paint on specific channels: Red, Green, Blue or Preserve Transparency (Alpha).
# Drawing tools :

* Natural media simulation tool types including Pen, Pencil, Airbrush, Oilbrush and Wetbrush.
* Wide Variety of brush tools including Warp, Smears-and-Smudges (impressionist effect), etc
* Wide array of settings for customizing each brush, and control over brush attributes such as aspect, angle, ratio, drying, profile, etc
* Create static or animated brushes for painting or keyframing moving over sequence with Cut Brush tool using rectangle, polygons, freehand shapes and magic wand.
* Custom brush tool allows painting with cut out images or sequences, including animatable parameters such as Loop, Ping-pong, Pressure, Direction, Speed and Random.
* Resize, Rotate, Flip, Add border and Opacity mapping to a Custom brush directly without re-cutting it
* Full array of painting shapes includes: dot, freehand line, line, circle/ellipse, rectangle/square and spline.
* Tool bins for all drawing tools - including custom brushes and animated brushes - allow for easy access to commonly used elements easing the workflow.
* Tool attributes connection to variables such as: speed, fade, random, direction, orientation, pressure, azimuth, altitude and finger wheel.
* Exclusive drying attribute to control tool's behavior when you pass over an existing stroke made with the same tool in a previous brush stroke.

# Filling tools:

* Full array of filling shapes includes: freehand fill, polygon fill, circle/ellipse fill, rectangle/square fill, spline fill and flood fill.
* Interactive flood fill (real time feedback), including opacity and smoothing controls
* Dithering Tool (unlimited number of gradients.)
* Gradient modes include radial, square, spherical and bi-linear.
* Direction-length vector allows control over gradiant length and direction
* Gradient alpha controls
* Fill a shape using the current Custom Brush.
* Brush wrapping modes include Tile, Stretch and Wrap in both directions: Horizontally and Vertically.
* Opacity Mapping lets you vary the transparency for filled shapes and Custom Brushes.

# User-defined Guides for positioning brushes and layers.
# Paper textures from any image may be applied to the canvas.

Animated Video Paint
# Instant animation of an unlimited number of video layers
# Pressure sensitive brushes, shapes and text creation for motion graphics.
# Real-Time Video playback (limited only by hardware)
# Direct project display and real-time paint directly live or off-line video.
# Video device engine allows frame capture for stop-motion animations and frame storage.
# Incremental proxy preview - frames are cached and saved; only modified frames are re-rendered
# All elements are keyframable, including filters.
# KeyFrame controls including: Next Key, Previous Key, Create Key, Delete Key and Auto Create Key.
# Anti-Aliasing Controls.
# Multiple Undo and Redo (user configurable).
# User configurable Safe Area and Field Chart.

Project Controls
# Resolution-independent projects (over 8K x 8K).
# Support all standard frame rates, including NTSC drop frame.
# Full aspect control, including 16:9 and anamorphic (real WYSIWYG display)
# WAV file audio support with real-time scrubbing in the preview for lip sync and graphic tuning.
# Integrated images-based file browser with real-time preview playback helps searching large projects easily.
# Progressive and Interlaced scan support.
# Cut, Copy and Paste inter-project
# Convert project resolutions, frame rates, fielding, aspect ratio and orientation from NTSC and PAL to HDTV and higher
# Navigation window for enhanced zoom control.
# Dynamic (change frame rate, region and modes on the fly) and scalable (zoom and pan) preview playback directly in project window.
# Remote control panel allows timeline scrubbing and selected region playback.

# Timeline-based editing environment.
# Unlimited number of 32bit-layers (video or still), with real-time alpha channel compositing.
# Real-Time layering, element timing, and opacity adjustment
# Independent Layer display/hide
# Footages is loaded and available instantly (no wait time)
# Copy, Cut and Paste frames as well as insert, duplicate or reverse frames in layer for frame editing.
# Light table support for viewing previous or future frames in level of transparency.
# Drag-and-Drop layer and merge in any paint mode.
# Animated loop modes for layers: Once, Repeat, Ping-pong and Hold last frames.
# Adjust layer duration using time stretching (with or without interpolation), repeat modes (Loop, Ping-pong or Hold Last) and cut frames.
# Use layers as stencils for creating masks and animated masks.
# Multiple-layer selection for moving, stretching, merging or deleting.
# Timeline display with Field, Frame or Time-Code formats.
# Interactive timeline zoom
# AutoFit timeline to project, selection, keys, layer, image or sound.
# Display button in the layer panel lets you preview a single layer instantly by hiding all other layers.
# Lock layers (to protect from unwanted operations)

Character Generation
# Full character generator & titling toolset
# TrueType postscript font support
# Control over Size, XScale, Italic, Spacing, Rotation, Opacity, Outline, Smooth, Border and Glow.
# Real time preview in the project window displays text at full size during creation and tweaking.
# Draw with Text tool using Word or Letter mode to apply text along a path.

# Powerful array of selection tools allow creation of static and animated masks
# Full array of selection shapes for static mask including Rectangle/Square, Circle/Ellipse, Freehand Line, Spline and Magic Wand.
# Selection modes include Add, Sub and Replace.
# Selection tools lets you smooth, invert, copy to a Custom Brush or a layer the selected area.
# Create animated masks using an unlimited number of layers as a Stencil.
# Crop tool lets you select a portion of your image to cut out as a new project.

Image Toolkit
# Panning tool with Shift and Wrap mode for creating seamless image.
# Animatable lattice deformation tool for images
# Transform tool for fast resizing and picture-in-picture effect including the Fill mode to repeat the image horizontally and vertically across the work area.
# Wrapping tool to stretch and scale image or sequence at perspective by adjusting the position of the 4 corners or the vanishing points (horizon). Like the Transform tool, it includes also the Fill mode.

# Color sliders working in RGB and HSL with instant preview on each slider.
# 6 color pickers: Hue, Luminosity, Saturation, Red, Green and Blue
# Create your own color with the color mixer, by mixing the current color with existing color. Mixer presets build-in. Store any user-defined mixers.
# Color bin lets you create indexed color palette from 1 to 1024 colors that can be used to export indexed files. Palette presets build-in. Store any user-defined palette.
# Fully editable Color Lookup Tables (LUT) to define how film and video sequences are translated on screen.
# Import or compute palette based on image from any files format
# Spread feature generates a continuous range of colors between 2 colors in the palette.

Motion Path Manager
# Unified motion path control tool
# Path can be modified on X, Y and/or Z axis for easy re-use between your projects
# Average together up to 4 motion paths.
# Smooth motion path to remove shakes.
# Export motion path to various 3D packages

# Animate any Custom Brush or layer using the Keyframer on XYZ position, Heading Pitch Bank rotation, Width and Height stretch axis.
# Apply motion along linear or spline paths.
# Align-to-Path mode independently for Heading, Pitch and Bank.
# Floating point Motion Blur for smooth and accurate motion effect.
# Animated variables also include Motion Blur, Opacity and Noise.
# Real-Time preview in the project window when playing the sequence.
# Apply Keyframed Custom Brush or layer using any paint modes.

# Tracks can be based on RGBA, Red, Green, Blue, Alpha, Saturation and Luminosity channels.
# Pixel track multiple layers, including a project's display
# High-Precision Sub-pixel tracking (up to 1:64).
# Adaptive and simple tracking modes

Auto Paint
# Animate handwriting or painting over sequence.
# Record all pointer information such as Pressure, Azimuth, Altitude, Twist and Finger Wheel.
# Real-Time preview in the project window if animated motion by scrubbing the project.
# Apply modes (Normal, Last, Size and All).

Keying & Color Correction
# Luma and Color keying.
# Comprehensive color correction tools, including Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Saturation, LUT tables, Black & White converter and Histogram for level adjustment.
# Color region-independent color channel control , including Temperature, Magenta, Red, Green, Blue, Alpha, Luminosity).
# Custom color-processing filter construction with the channels command line based Color Factory 2 tool.

# Extensive library of image processing plug-in effects such as Mosaic, Negative, Noise, Posterize, Solarize, Bevel, Bloom, Erode, Glow, Grain, Print look, Drop shadow, Speed.
# Wide Variety of Effects generators, including Particles, Lens Flare, Volumetric, Plasma Effects, Perlin Noise (stochastic patterns), Lighting, and Half-Tone.
# Wrapping Grid
# Filters can be applied to layers or regions of layers over time using selection and stencil.
# Fade Transition.
# Extensive library of blur filters, including Center Blur (Camera Zoom/Pullout), Cubic Blur (variable edge treatment and softness), Directional Blur (Motion Blur), Gaussian Blur, Radial Blur (simulated camera bank)
# Background generator.
# Particles System
# Complete 2D Lighting controls

Video Tools
# Previews are scalable (full screen, zoom to the region of interest) during playback. New playback options include continuous loop, region selected and variable frame rates without any re-render!

Format Support
# Export Projects to any formats (different resolution/framerate/etc) on the fly.
# Support for all standard industry formats including Microsoft AVI, DEEP, Apple QuickTime®, AutoDesk FLI and FLC, CompuServe GIF, BMP, ILBM, JPEG, PCX, PNG, SGI, SUN, TGA, TIFF.
# AVI DV file support
# 5 different available alpha modes (Import and Export) such as Pre-Multiply and Non Pre-Multiply for better software connectivity.

External Devices
# Enhanced Print utilities for printing stills or an animation storyboard from a sequence.
# Tablets support: all pressure sensitive tablets but including pressure, tilt, angle, pen altitude, azimuth, finger wheel and Twist and ToolsID from Wacom Intuos tablets.
# Twain devices support for Scanners and Digital Cameras.
# Capture frames directly with DirectShow devices.

# Sequence Conversion Tools (pulldown, de-interlace, etc)
# Video Device Overlay mode added with Alpha channel support
# New sizes for Proxy renders: Full, Half, Quarter
# Capability for the video stream from RGBA video output devices to overlay the project

# Fully Intel MMX SSE optimized (Plus multithreading and hyperthreading support for Intel chips)
# Fully new MacIntel compatible (Universal Binary compliant code)
# Fully Altivec compatible on PowerPC chips.

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