What's new since Mirage ?

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What's new since Mirage ?

Post by TVPaint » 06 Mar 2006, 17:01

The "What's new" page is here

TVPaint Animation is a software dedicated to graphic creation and 2D animation. Intended for all the painting and animation fanatics, this software, due to his bitmap approach, is called to cover the essential needs of any artist. From the hobbyist to the pros, it provides them with a complete, adjustable and impressive toolset, which will transcend the feelings of a simple pen and paper.

TVPaint Animation is the home studio for animation.

Taking advantage of the TVPaint technology, famous throughout the world since its performances on Amiga in 1991 and always improved for better results, TVPaint Animation will fit in any production workflows, traditionnal, fully digital or hybrid.

Able to work in any resolution, it will bring satisfaction of all the 2D freaks / lovers thanks to the unlimited capabilities of its tools... The only limit to your productions will be your imagination !

Main improvements since Mirage 1.5*

Rotative Drawing Disc
Probably one the most requested feature for a long time ! Nothing to add... Animators want the liberty of drawing in any direction, we just gave them what they want !

New Mac Intel full support !
TVPaint Animation is our first product to be 100% fully compatible with the generation of MacIntel computers.

Project Templates
You can now handle, load and save project templates defining your projects structure using some of their characteristics such as the resolution, framerate, ratio, number, type, duration , position and lock, color and the opacity of the layers. It will save you a lot of time !

Layer Shaker
When animating very complex sequence, the artist need a tool which allow them to spot quickly and easily the layer they want to work on. That's why TVPaint Animation allows to visualize the current layer by pressing a single key that will shake the layer for instant visibility.

New scan abilities
Users will have now the choice when scanning : Create New Project, Create New Layer and Append to current layer ! No time wasted to handle scanned images and to place them in the good layer, all is done automatically by a single click !
Mac users will also now enjoy the support of Twain scanners !

New Effects
Not only TVPaint Animation include new possibilities which simplify the use of the effects, like the previewed effects when playing your animation or the effects attached to their project, but it also includes some amazing new effects :

Multiplane Camera FX
The most powerful of them is probably the Multiplane Camera FX which will allow you to create some complex parallax animations that were so difficult to produce in the past... Now you can define the position of the camera and of each plans using the Multiview mode ! Set the depth of focus, set the plans to move as you want and look ! Things will never be the same after that !

Toon Shading FX
Then Animators will be pleased to play with our new ToonShading FX to add shadows to their drawings. With a complete range of features, you can produce any kind of shadows from the toon ones to 3d-like ones. As usual, it's very funny and easy-to-use effect which will surely have a great success !

Add Border FX
This effect gives the liberty to the artist to work the way he prefers. Now, the animator can create the lines of their drawings after having drawn the filled shapes of the drawing.

Scan Cleaner FX
These effects are dedicated to the traditionnal animators who draw on animation papers.
The Scan Cleaner FX allows the user to clean the freshly imported scans by removing the paper from the scans, in order for them to get just the black or blue lines of their drawings.

Tools improvement

Globally, all the drawing tools have been improved and now use all the subpixel functionality and are all anti-aliased. You will find among these ones :

The FloodFill tool can now define the layer that will be used as source for the filling.
It uses also a new parameter called Gap Closer, which allow to fill non-closed shapes using a single parameter representing the length of the borders' gap.
It includes the shape settings to define the Expand and Range values for more convenience and homogeneity between the different steps of an animation project.

You can now connect CustomBrush parameters such as the size or the angle of the brush to your stylus. Moreover, thanks to the Twist connection, you can now rotate your brush while rotating your stylus. Drawing possibilities have been exponentially multiplied with these new features and are now closed to unlimited.
The CutOut tool now enables to cut brush directly from the display, allowing to cut a brush from several layers at the same time. In order to complete the possibilities, painting with CustomBrushes allows the user to use a new Stamp mode called Luma Stamp which tints the brush with a color but preserves its luminosity informations.

*Mirage is a trademark of Bauhaus Software Inc
And a new OilBrush look ;)
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Post by evar » 06 Mar 2006, 18:27


Very cool, Im sure these features will be very much appreciated by all!
Evar Simon

Roland Dubois
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Post by Roland Dubois » 07 Mar 2006, 09:06

Beaucoups de bonnes nouvelles 8) :!:
Vivre et laisser vivre

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Post by TVPaint » 07 Mar 2006, 09:30

Thanks Evar and Roland :)

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Post by wireframeX » 07 Mar 2006, 12:16

Comment vont se passer les mises à jours entre Mirage 1.5 et TVPaint Animation ??

Biensur j'en attend un peu plus que : "ca va bien se passer" ;)

A t'on une idée du prix vers la V8 avec toutes ses bonnes choses ?


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