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Flip Book Playback Speed

Posted: 14 Jun 2007, 06:32
by Matthew
When I press the "Flip" button it plays the animation back at the current FPS speed, which I like. But when I press the keyboard shortcut key (W) for the flip command, it seems to be playing the animation back at a much faster speed.

I usually like to flip my drawings at a slow speed, maybe 6 frames per second, so that I can see the individual drawings better. The shortcut key looks like it is playing the drawings back at 30 FPS or more.

I want to use the shortcut key to program the action into one of the buttons on my Intuos 3 tablet. Is there a way to slow the flipping speed down?

Posted: 14 Jun 2007, 22:35
by Matthew
I figured this out. When using the keyboard shortcut to trigger the flipping action you must keep the key pressed down. If you press it quickly you will only see a couple images being flipped. That's why I thought it was playing so fast.

This is working very well for me now!

Posted: 15 Jun 2007, 08:25
by TVPaint
Sorry for the late reply but glad to know you figure it out.
The FlipAnimation feature can be really useful when working on betweenings. Also note you can define the duration of the flip by RMB clicking the Proxy bar. Then at the very bottom of the Proxy panel, you can set the duration.