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Re: navigating using the ALT key

Posted: 01 Apr 2021, 18:34
by hilere
I have the same problem. I'm on the Mac version.
First I thought it was the Wacom remote that malfunctioned, but last week I replaced my Wacom remote by a Nintendo Joy-Con (which is way more ergonomic) and the problem did not disappear. I was not thinking it could be a TVPaint issue...until I read this post...

For what it's worth...I have exactly the same setup as Joost: Mac mini 2020 16 GB ram. big sur.

Re: navigating using the ALT key

Posted: 02 Apr 2021, 11:59
by Joost
It looks like TVPaint keeps thinking I keep pressing the ALT button when I don't.
But sometimes it feels like my Wacom just thinks I'm still touching the screen. Or maybe it's a combination of these two...

I also contacted Wacom about this. I will let you know if they have a solution.

Re: navigating using the ALT key

Posted: 12 Apr 2021, 11:43
by Joost
I think the problem is solved by installing an older version of the Wacom Driver! Now navigating in TVPaint finally feels smooth again! :D

The bug was in version 6.3.42-1
Installing version 6.3.41-2 did the job for me

Just to help some people out this is what Wacom said:
Since it seems an issue related to the latest driver, please follow the next steps to install a rollback driver, this to confirm if the issue happens only with the current driver:
A restart will be required after installing the driver, please make sure to close and save all your work before following these instructions.

Disconnect the tablet from the computer
Open your Applications folder and locate any Tablet or Wacom Tablet folders you have
Use the Utility in each of these folders and click ‘Remove’ under ‘Tablet Software’
Once the software is removed, restart the computer
Once this is complete, download and install the previous driver (6.3.41-2) from:
Reconnect the tablet and test.

Good luck!