Trouble with a GIF

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Trouble with a GIF

Post by dgrantham » 31 Oct 2019, 04:43

I've saved a gif from windows' "lice" video screen grabber; recording navigation through a CAD model. The resulting .gif plays with windows 10's system player at about 6fps, which is about the right speed.

Loading it into TVpaint to work on it, any frame rate setting over .36 shows as unplayable in TVP without dropping (i. e. red and !), but the video will play within tvpaint at 6fps and even faster. When I export it from TVP on any setting as a GIF (or any other format) the resulting file will play in windows at only about .36 fps. The file's resolution is only about 788 x 411; halving this pixel dimension and drastically reducing the export palette does not result in a file which will play any faster. I have been exporting it with 6fps set as the frame rate in both project and exporter and stretch to frame rate checked.

Suggestions welcome.
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