TVPaint causing some programs to see my Mac as idle

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TVPaint causing some programs to see my Mac as idle

Post by Soom » 13 Mar 2019, 16:21

Since I am a freelancer now, I am using this software TopTracker to record my working hours.
For some reason, when I am working in TVPaint on a Cintiq, it perceives it as if the computer is idle and stops tracking the time after a while. If I switch to a touch-pad or another program, it immediately gets back to tracking. Apparently TVPaint is the only program acting like that - when I work on a Cintiq in any other software, it doesn't happen.
TopTracker support addressed this issue, and this is the reply I got:
"Our engineers advised that if the TVPaint is the only application with such behavior, it’s more likely it’s hijacking the mouse events the tablet generates so we don’t even get the events that OS reports, which is what we take into consideration for idle.
In other words, I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do in this case. You can try to toggle mouse click and see if that helps though."
I am on a Mac OSX Sierra, latest Wacom drivers, Cintiq 22HD

It's not a big deal but just a little hassle to not forget to flick my finger on the touch-pad every 20 minutes...
Hackintosh, OS 10.13.6, Cintiq 22", TVP Std 11.0.10,

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