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Newly Installed and Very Zoomed out on Windows

Posted: 12 Mar 2019, 06:45
by squideri
Hi I've just gotten Tvpaint for my personal computer and immediately ran into an issue running it. It's very very very zoomed out and cannot figure out how to adjust the display settings on my computer or within the program to show me a view of the program without needing a double prescription for my glasses to read it. Every other program on my computer is running perfectly fine, I'm not sure what's caused it to run like this and from searching the forum I don't see it being a common issue for new downloads. I feel like this is karma from me using a cracked version when I was a wee high schooler.

I'm currently running Windows 10.0.17134 Build 17134 on an ASUSTek Model Q534UXK
I'm not really sure what other info to provide

Here is a screenshot reference of the very far away display I have currently. Im giving an imgur link bc I dont understand this image insert function.

Re: Newly Installed and Very Zoomed out on Windows

Posted: 12 Mar 2019, 11:20
by yanun0323

Re: Newly Installed and Very Zoomed out on Windows

Posted: 13 Mar 2019, 03:35
by Greenlaw
If that doesn't work for you, I have different instructions you can try for Windows 10.

First, right-click on the program icon and open its properties panel. You can do this on a shortcut. Click the Compatibility tab and click Change High DPI Settings. In the window that pops up, enable Override High DPI Scaling Behavior, and then select System Enhanced in the list. I don't find it necessary to change the scaling in TVPaint's preferences but in Window's Display Settings, I have Scale And Layout set to 200%. These settings seem to work well for many of the programs I use (which is a lot!)

The above setting works well with TVPaint for me, but there are 3 option you can try. I find a few programs run better with the System option selected (i.e., not 'enhanced'.)

Here's an example of what TVPaint looks like with these suggested settings on my laptop's 17-inch 4k screen, which is comfortable to my tired eyes:


Hope this helps.