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TV paint Wont Open at all

Posted: 19 Feb 2019, 16:10
by samlewis
I recently bought the standard version of TV paint and had it downloaded to my laptop.
I opened the program once and everything was fine. I could export files, I could draw and edit, nothing was wrong.
However, for the past few days anytime I even click on the icon or the program, tv paint will not open.
I looked up if anyone else had this problem and every one has a "file wont open problem."
My program wont open at all.
I click the icon, the hourglass shows up that its loading- a small window pops up in the top left corner of my screen on the [ _ / [] / X ]
sometimes the icon will show up on my task bar at the bottom of my screen.
It loads for a few seconds- then everything disappears.
The [ _ / [] / X ] screen disappears- the icon disappears
and nothing happens.
TV paint will not open no matter how many times I try.
I tried restarting my computer multiple times and I uninstalled and reinstalled tv paint. nothing is working.
I have not even had the program for a two weeks and its already having this problem.

Re: TV paint Wont Open at all

Posted: 20 Feb 2019, 11:34
by Dean
Hi samlewis, I just sent you a private message to help you resolve your issue ;)