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About the Educational License..

Posted: 16 Jul 2018, 12:33
by Moonflower
Hello! :)
I have been considering to purchase TVPaint since I need a program for my school project that's better suitable for animation than photoshop and I'm interested in animation. However I have something I'd like to ask..
I do have a student card but it does not show the expiration date. I have a scholarship certificate I can send in addition(It's written in finnish but I underlined the day I should graduate in red), but can I send all this beforehand so someone could check if they're fine? In the purchase page it says that I should send it all after... I know I might sound silly but I can get really anxious when I'm buying something. :oops:
Thank you in advance!

Re: About the Educational License..

Posted: 16 Jul 2018, 12:58
by Thierry
Hello Moonflower!

The certificate of scholarship will do.
After your purchase, just send it send it to student[at] :)

I will be locking this topic, because discussions about purchases, licenses and codes are not something that should be discussed on the forums.
If you have more questions about this, I advise you to use our Contact form :)