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Crowd animation

Posted: 11 Jul 2018, 18:59
by bunsella

I am attempting to animate a large crowd of bees (about 100 or so) as individual layer assets, each with its own animated path and 'landing'. This is arduous in the current construct of the timeline - is there a simpler way I can do this? I am happy to group them and repeat some paths as long as I can translate the data to a new area on the screen. I would like to avoid having 100 layer objects to manage.

Thanks in advance . . .

Re: Crowd animation

Posted: 12 Jul 2018, 07:09
by ematecki
Create a layer with as many 1-image instances as you like.
Draw on that layer (with, say, an animbrush with your bee), *while holding [Ctrl] down*.
Should do the trick.