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Project View doesn't display notes when scrubbing

Posted: 09 Apr 2018, 19:56
by cgmodeler
Hello, I'd like to notify this bug with the Notes display.

On Clip: Timeline view
The notes display when Scrubbing
However twhen scrubbing on the Project view they disappear
Even if "Display on Project" and "Display during preview" are checked.

Currently there's no option to display the notes on the project view. And even if they're activated on the clip view, they disappear on scrubbing they just display on playback.

Case 2.
If you playback from a CLIP that has NOTES preview enabled, it displays the notes on all the other CLIPS wether they have them enabled or not.

But if you playback from a CLIP that doesn't have notes enabled, the next clips dont display it either, even if they have it enabled. ... 84#p108484

Thanks in advance!

Desktop: TVP Pro 11.0.8 - 64bit Win 7 x64 48GB RAM - GTX1070 - Cintiq 27QHD Driver 6.3.29