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frame rate conversion question

Posted: 15 Dec 2017, 21:26
by D.T. Nethery
These .tvpp file from Paul Johnson are interesting. Thanks for posting them. (and thank you Paul , for allowing them to be posted) ... ighter.php

I was curious about something: the .tvpp files are set at a custom frame rate of 14.2857 FPS. I have never encountered this frame rate . What is the advantage of working at 14.2857 FPS ? I know that some people will work at 12 FPS and then convert the footage to be exposed "ON 2's" at 24 FPS and the same would hold true for working at 15 FPS if your final output was going to be 30 FPS , but 14.2857 x 2 = 28.5714 FPS which isn't quite 29.97 FPS video frame rate either ... Is it some sort of AfterEffects or Sony Vegas setting for converting the frame rate ? If anyone can enlighten me I'd appreciate it.

Re: frame rate conversion question

Posted: 16 Dec 2017, 10:23
by slowtiger
I'd say it's just a mistake. You get those odd numbers sometimes when opening a video file from dubious sources.

Re: frame rate conversion question

Posted: 30 Dec 2017, 21:58
by Fabrice
Good question, we will ask him if there is something behind this.
I thought he was using 12 fps. I guess Markus is right because some elements comes from videos generated by Cinema 4D.