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TVPaint Pro Inquiry

Posted: 12 Mar 2017, 23:41
by phatality123
Hello, I was looking to purchase TVPaint in the future and I am a student currently enrolled in a community college; is there any criteria I must meet in order to qualify for the student discount (like attend a specific college/ type or college, etc) or are all students eligible? Also, is all I need to provide is my student ID/ college name, or is there other required information. Thank you!

Re: TVPaint Pro Inquiry

Posted: 13 Mar 2017, 00:55
by o0Ampy0o

It is Sunday many places around the world.

To offer some information in the meantime, the website suggests that you ask your school for their "special edu code" which they will probably understand what is needed when you describe how you are seeking to utilize a student discount for a purchase. I do not see anything that suggests the school must meet any requirement as in be an accredited body.

Generally, you select your country then select the software you wish to purchase. Complete filling in other required information including the edu code then you provide a copy of your student I.D. ... country=US

There is a box to acknowledge that you understand your obligation to send a copy of your student I.D..

"After the purchase, I will send a copy of my student card ID at "student [at] tvpaint [dot] com" (expiration date must be visible, otherwise send in addition a proof of enrollment or a scholarship certificate)."

I believe you will receive a download link for the software almost if not immediately. Once all of these steps have been processed you receive an activation code.