URGENT need of Unlock code

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URGENT need of Unlock code

Post by petefelstead » 12 Oct 2021, 15:19

I am a senior technician at Falmouth University and I am working with a lecturer who is remoting in via Teams.
He has his lock code and is desperate for an unlock code as his trial runs out on Friday.
We have both repeatedly tried e mailing Thierry at TVP and using the contact form with no response.
Please can someone help, unless he gets a code we will have to cancel classes!
Many thanks!

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Re: URGENT need of Unlock code

Post by Thierry » 12 Oct 2021, 15:36

Hi Pete,

I did answer you two times the day you sent me the emails (and my colleagues also answered to your questions in the contact form).
I'll send you a PM.

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//Edit: problem solved. Our emails were in the spam folder.
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