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by Keith Osborn
29 Oct 2007, 13:35
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: cheaper alternative for Cintiq?
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I also own a Tablet PC (Toshiba Tecra M4) and thoroughly enjoy drawing on it. Chad's right, the pressure sensitivity is enough. For the latest Tablet PC's, I think it's actually 512 levels if I'm not mistaken. It's the same tech in the early model Cintiqs (15" & 18" modesl). With that in mind, you c...
by Keith Osborn
02 Jul 2007, 13:55
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: play from cursor
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Has there been any progress on possibly fixing this? The current behavior is especially frustrating when working on longer scenes. I'd love to see this resolved.
by Keith Osborn
18 Jun 2007, 23:03
Forum: Contents Sharing
Topic: Share your Interface Look!
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I'm an ex-Mirage user and am accustomed to that theme so I recreated it in TVPaint. Nothing original but feels like home.