can Light Table ignore empty instances?

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can Light Table ignore empty instances?

Post by leszczynska » 04 Nov 2019, 23:58

I was wondering if there's a way of having the Light Table ignore empty instances around and only reference those with drawings on them.

To illustrate why I need this: I've got a rough and use "duplicate layer structure" to create a layer for the clean-up. I need to start cleaning the keys, then breakdowns and so on, but since the structure is duplicated and rough has instances for inbwteening, Light Table catches those empty instances, not two nearest drawings. So I need to keep adjusting its settings to see the frames I want to see.

I'm using work-arounds such as getting the light table to see more instances (that's not perfect, because in other cases it would catch too many, so needs to be adjusted often) and changing Light Table mode to "Bookmark", but again that requires setting up the bookmarks or colour marks.

Not too troublesome but if there was a way of just having the program ignore blank instances that would be perfect.
Thank you

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Re: can Light Table ignore empty instances?

Post by Peter Wassink » 07 Nov 2019, 21:36

why not make a image mark shortcut? that way you can quickly toggle marks on and off with one keypress instead of having to dig your way into the menu every time... which indeed is cumbersome.
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