impressive watercolor simulator

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Peter Wassink
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impressive watercolor simulator

Post by Peter Wassink » 06 Oct 2015, 21:57

Pretty impressive.
Although the process of working in this software is so elaborate and realistic that at one point you start to ask why not just work with the real stuff...
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Re: impressive watercolor simulator

Post by neonnoodle » 07 Oct 2015, 01:16

I am a veteran of digital watercolor simulation techniques, and have quite successfully marketed some watercolor plugins for Photoshop for the last several years. Peter, I am inclined to agree with you. When it comes to doing studies, fine art pieces, and other things done "for art's sake," I still use real watercolors.

However, I hear from my customers that they use my Photoshop brushes or other simulation techniques for fashion design, architectural rendering, digital comics, and other settings where you might have to make many adjustments before the final product is complete.

I've used Rebelle and find it very impressive! Many of the same high-level capabilities as Corel Painter, at a much lower price.

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Re: impressive watercolor simulator

Post by Elodie » 07 Oct 2015, 06:35

Wow, that's crazy :)

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Re: impressive watercolor simulator

Post by schwarzgrau » 07 Oct 2015, 14:05

I never seen such a convincing simulation of water colors before and I'm pretty impressed (in fact I just downloaded the demo to try it myself), BUT I can't understand why all these technique, knowledge and effort is still used to simulate an analogue technique instead of using it to create something completely new. Something like a digital style, which wouldn't be possible in the analog way.
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Re: impressive watercolor simulator

Post by dogsma » 07 Oct 2015, 14:53

I am impressed.. I have never used Photoshop. Have only used TVP as my digital painting program for many years now. I have adjusted my brushes ,erasers, pencils and layers to get as close an effect as I can but without the water.
Sorry to say that I have never put to use the many effects in TVP because they are too digitally complicated for my simple use of color - process - relationship. But I am very comfortable with the elementary conditions I can create in TVP for our animation.
I am itchy to give this a try on my own time > whenever that time comes !
Sandra S. Fierlinger

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Re: impressive watercolor simulator

Post by slowtiger » 10 Oct 2015, 11:58

I don't think TVP is "bad" at watercolours. The inbuild brushes are nice, and I made some of my own especially for animation. Here's a BG from my recent project:
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Re: impressive watercolor simulator

Post by ten_zero » 23 Oct 2015, 13:18

Other way from Hong Kong,

Expresii public beta
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